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This film series picks up the thread of the previous Aurality seminar series (2018-2021) of the ASCA research group Music and Culture. We investigate modes of knowledge inscription and transmission through films that document, explore, and themselves constitute a wide variety of musicking (Small 1998, 9) and sounding acts.

Collectively, we use sound to voice a song or a praise or a judgment, to perform an argument or debate or encounter, to conceptualize a discourse, a movement, a process or gesture, to constitute synchronizations, modes of exchange, disjunctions or confrontations... By investigating how film is used in relation to such sonic acts, the series intends to raise questions about technologies of transmission, circulation and inscription of knowledge (sounds, imagery, speech, writing, performance, etc.) and the materials on which they inscribe: memories, (human) bodies, paper, shellac, hard drives, or songs.

The series strives to bring together a multiplicity of filmic perspectives on music and sound: scholarly and artistic, longue durée history and ethnographic case study, fact and fiction, indigenous and collaborative. At each screening, we aim to facilitate a discussion between filmmaker, scholars, and audience to investigate how film serves as a medium of sonic representation and as itself a medium that works in and with sound.

Screenings take place at the University Theatre (Nieuwe Doelenstraat 16-18), room 301, from 15:00-18:00 hrs. Please contact us to join the mailing list or to suggest a film to screen.

Emily Clark (, Layan Nijem (, Otto Stuparitz (