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Political Ecologies Seminar: Terrains of Struggle

Terrains of Struggle is the title of the 2022-2023 Political Ecologies Seminar organized by Jeff Diamanti, Fred Carter, and Joost de Bloois | For registration or further information, please contact 2022- Schedule TBA August 2022 | 1-6 ECT available for rMA students at the UvA

Following a long hot summer of wildfires, wildcat strikes, widespread droughts, and soaring energy prices, this series of the ASCA Political Ecology seminar attempts to trace the material, social, and historical terrains of struggle that have shaped our current ecological predicament and its discontents. Across an interdisciplinary programme of events in the coming year, Terrains of Struggle addresses three core lines of inquiry. How have intersecting struggles for decolonisation, decarbonisation, and liberation informed militant articulations of environmental thought? What methods are required to map both the environments of insurrectionary resistance and the built infrastructures of counterinsurgency? Finally, and most urgently, what emergent forms of assembly, strategy, and political ecology might militate against a horizon otherwise determined by infrastructural dispossession, colonial resource extraction, and petrocapitalist domination? 

Thinking through and across these provocations invites us to ask how militant research practices – embedded methods that 'generate a capacity for struggles to read themselves' (Colectivo Situaciones) – might also reframe our understanding of situated knowledge production in political ecology.Engaging diverse and often unacknowledged radical tendencies across the environmental humanities, from decolonial ecology and petrocultural critique to militant cinema and guerrilla ecopoetics, Terrains of Struggle assembles a programme of public lectures, masterclasses, and performances that examine the submerged histories, social forms, and cultural expressions of an ongoing struggle for liberation that Amílcar Cabral called the ‘defence of the earth.’ Graduate students, faculty, and affiliated researchers of all disciplines are encouraged to attend.  

Organized by Fred Carter, Joost de Bloois, and Jeff Diamanti

Contact to sign up and for schedule details.


September 30, 1-3pm: Introductory session (room TBA)

November 4th, afternoon and evening

Guest Lecture on ecological poetics by Anahid Nersessian with guest poetry readings TBA

May 2023

Samia Henni, “Performing Colonial Toxicity” lecture and masterclass (date and place TBA)