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Let´s Make the Law Because We Live the Law: New Perspectives on the Role of Political Theatre in Nigeria | 21 April 2023, Agnietenkapel, 10.00 hrs. | Supervisors: Kati Röttger; Sruti Bala
Event details of Dissertation Defense: Oluchi Igili
21 April 2023

This dissertation investigates the role theatre practitioners played in the democratic evolvement of Nigeria from the 1940s. It situates the investigation first within the larger framework of political theatre and specifically in the interrogation of laws deemed inimical to the citizens’ wellbeing. It connects the dots between diverse theatrical forms: folk opera, modern(ist) plays and TfD, and from that interplay introduces the Legislative Theatre methodology as a form which could conceivably be employed in drafting Nigerian citizens into the lawmaking processes. It theorises Legislative Theatre as a playfully serious engagement which facilitates the navigation of the interstice between theatre as ‘play’ and theatre as a productive enterprise. From the perspective of Nigeria’s current democratic situation, the dissertation argues for the resuscitation of political theatre as practiced pre-1999, the rejigging of TfD and the adoption of Legislative Theatre with the intent of cultivating healthier democratic habits and engaging the citizens in making the laws under which they live by playfully living the law in the theatre.