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Every year the Faculty offers a number of Finishing Fellowships to PhD candidates who have succeeded in writing an advanced draft of their thesis without the support of structural funding. The fellowships aim to enable self-funded PhD candidates to concentrate exclusively on the completion of their thesis in their last year. Starting in 2016, the Faculty has awarded 49 Finishing Fellowships, resulting in 35 new doctors.

This year the selection committee--consisting of Murat Aydemir, Djoeke van Netten, and Sudha Rajagopalan--received 11 applications in total. Seven of these were awarded the Finishing Fellowship:

  • Alice Breemen (ASCA, Röttger, Heynsen) Dramaturgies of the Anthropocene
  • Gerrit Schaafsma (ASCA, Roessler, Celikates) Contestation in the Anthropocene: Climate Change and Civil Disobedience
  • Ira Solomatina (ASCA, Boomkens, Delhaye) Politics and the political in lifestyle and fashion magazines: perspectives from Russia, India, and the US
  • Leila Cherribi (ASCA, Jansen, Van Leeuwen) A Tradition in the Making: Evolving Changes in the Contemporary Dutch Literary Scene
  • Pauline O’Connell (AHM, Lerm-Hayes, Boomgaard) Paradox Not Paradise: The Rural as Site of Representational Struggle
  • Sarah Randeraad (AHM, Bosman, Hoijtink) Framing the medieval in museums
  • Vincent Seminck (ASCA, Früchtl, De Wilde) Friendship and enmity in Nietzsche and Schmitt.