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Cross-Media Seminar and Research Group


Markus Stauff, Abe Geil and Sudeep Dasgupta


Carolyn Birdsall, Sudeep Dasgupta, Thomas Ernst, Abe Geil, Jaap Kooijman, Christoph Lindner, Noa Roei, Toni Pape, Jan Teurlings.

Other participants

approx. 15 additional researchers, PhD/RMA students from several Dutch universities

Previous seminars:

  • Blackness in Philosophy and Media 2018-2019
  • Forms of Complexity 2017-2018
  • Cross Media Seminar 2016-2017: Forms of Attention
  • Cross Media Seminar 2015-2016: Transparency/Opacity
  • Cross Media Seminar 2014-2015: Conjunctures of the Image

Description of the research programme of the research group

Displacement, convergence and hybridity are some of the terms through which transformations across media can be described. Practices of interaction with media forms like television and cinema for example, combine elements which were hitherto segregated by disciplines like Film Studies and Television Studies. Cultural theory has also crossed the borders between specific media disciplines and underlined how forms of subjectivity and embodied spectatorship overflow the borders of specific media theories.
The Crossmedia research group discusses this dynamic between specific media subjects and the crossmedia dimensions of cultural experience, technological interactions and textual transformations as ongoing "cultural reinvention". Every year we identify specific themes as guiding threads to analyze these transformations across media. Combining disciplinary perspectives including media studies, social history, the social sciences, and the Humanities in general, the seminar offers a cross-disciplinary space for the study and discussion of crossmedia transformations.

Envisaged results

The activities and output of the Cross-Media research group include: a monthly research seminar, guest lectures by international scholars (one per semester), a workshop (once a year)

Work plan and time schedule

As the research group deals with the most recent and on-going transformations of contemporary media culture, it will adapt its work forms and the perpetuation of the group itself to the development of new questions. For now, at least two more years (until summer 2018) are planned.

Societal relevance

The research group contributes to a mapping and critical conceptualization of the most recent developments of media culture. It especially aims at insights into how agency, subjectivity, community, society are reinvented through the ongoing divergence and convergence processes of different media.

This research group is active in the following constellations: