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Globalization and Migration

Globalization is rapidly transforming our world in profound and lasting ways. From new patterns of migration and diaspora, to new trends in city and nation building, to new techno-informational networks of communication and knowledge, the world is in rapid flux. While the socio-economic dimensions of globalization have been widely studied, far less attention has been paid to its cultural dimensions. And yet, the need to identify and understand how globalization is effecting cultural change – spanning from Asia to Europe and the Americas – is central to any effort to form a comprehensive picture of our contemporary world.

America in Global Popular Culture

Cities Project

Crisis, Critique and Futurity

Cross Media Research Group

Data activism

Dynamics of (ex)change: Maghreb-Europe

Emotional Democracy

Fashion/Representations in Global Context

From Made in China to Created in China

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Music and Culture

New Political Ecologies:Globalization, Sustainability, Precarity

Orientalismsand Occidentalisms: A Comparative Approach

Peripheries Project

Reclaiming Multiculturalism and the Politics of Difference

Social Media and the Transformation of Public Space

Technologies of the Spectacle

ASCA Trans-Asia Cultural Studies Reading Group