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Fashion/representations in global context


Christine Delhaye

Members of the research group

dr. S.R. Amico
dr. M.A.M.B. Lous Baronian
dr. E.S. Bergvelt
dr. C.A.J.C. Delhaye
dr. R. Esner
External Members:
J.C. Gimeno-Martínez (VU)
R. Woets (VU)
prof. dr. G.M.M. Kuipers (FMG UvA)
prof. dr. A.C.A.E. Moors (FMG UvA)

Description of the research programme of the research group

In recent decades, fashion and fashion representations have become important areas of interest within academia. The purpose of this research group will be to contribute to the understanding of fashion or “fashionableness” as a multifaceted issue. The group will employ a variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary methods to investigate the role of fashion in shaping or contesting individual and collective identities; how fashion objects circulate across (trans)national networks; their meaning in processes of cultural authentication; and the ways in which intercultural fashion encounters may lead to cross-fertilization or suppression, among others. Equally important in understanding how fashion is interpreted, valued and imbued with meaning is the study of fashion representations. Fashion photography, fashion shows, advertisements and fashion displays in museums (as well as their dissemination online) are all part of the global network of signs which no longer only represent and define fashion, but also position themselves as global commodities and as part of a broader visual culture.

Envisaged results

Individual research will lead to peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, conferences and NWO/external grant proposals. In addition, research members will meet regularly to share results and see if and how their approaches can cross-fertilize one another.

Work plan and time schedule

As individual members are affiliated with specific projects they will follow their own timetable. However, regular collective meetings will be organized

Societal relevance

The various research projects will offer insight into (historical and contemporary) processes of economic and artistic exchange and appropriation; its conditions and effects on the one hand, and on processes of identity formation on the other.

This research group is active in e following constellations: