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To make sure our teaching and research can be carried out properly, it is essential that UvA information systems, as well as the sensitive data within them, are properly protected. For that reason, UvA is gradually introducing two-step verification for all UvA information systems you log in to via the internet.

Why is two-step verification necessary?

A large number of security breaches are the result of the misuse of passwords. Two-step verification (using Microsoft Authenticator or Tiqr) allows us to fit the door with an extra lock, meaning that UvA systems will be extra secure. Two-step verification provides an additional check that helps ascertain the identity of the person logging in with a greater degree of certainty. Two-step verification is also widely used outside of UvA, for example when logging into your online banking or DigiD account.

Which UvA ICT Services are secured using two-step verification?

More and more of UvA ICT services have extra security protection using two-step verification; For example:

  • Microsoft 365 (including OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Dynamics) and Templafy using Microsoft Authenticator.
  • Self-Service Tool, SIS, Figshare and Testvision.
  • From December 2023, two-factor authentication via Tiqr will also be required for the Canvas digital learning environment.

How to set up two-step verification

In principle, you only need to set up two-step verification once. How you set it up will vary depending on the two-step verification method you use. Most systems will use two-step verification via the Tiqr app, whereas for Microsoft applications you will use the Microsoft Authenticator app. Some members of staff use systems that require a YubiKey. Please find a link to the instructions below:

Do you work with external parties?

External staff and guests also need to set up two-step verification to access files in, for example, Microsoft Teams or OneDrive. External staff can find out how to set this up on this page.